Rami Ayash reveals new details about his cancer


Rami Ayash revealed for the first time the details of his illness and his cancerous tumor, and he said during his hosting on a TV program: “I was in Dubai with my brother Shadi, I noticed a tumor in my back, and when I returned to Beirut I went to the doctor and told me that it is a cancerous tumor.

Ayyash added that the news leaked from the hospital and the media pioneers attacked me, and they said that I am seeking fame, confirming that the leak of the news was against him, and that after analyzing the tumor it was found that he was benign.

And in recent days, there were reports of the artist Rami Ayash with a cancerous tumor in the back, and he underwent a difficult and fully recovered surgery, and then released his album “Ya Mashar Al-Aini”, which achieved great success.


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