Rania Youssef appears as a bathrobe in the Promo Box of the World


It appeared Raniya Yousif, She wears White bathrobe, In her movie promo The “world fund” that was completed Classified for adults only, age group (+18)

On the other hand, the company “kemet film production”, which produced the movie “The Box of the World”, launched its first poster, in preparation for launching it as a cinematic show, next February.

The movie “The World’s Box”, starring Khaled Al-Sawy, Rania Youssef, Salah Abdullah, Basem Samra, Amr Al-Qadi, Ahmed Kamal, Alaa Morsi.

The film takes place in the downtown area, in a social dramatic framework, and it is directed and directed by Imad Al-Bahat, who is currently following the final stages of the film, from mixing, editing, and soundtracks.

The producer also intends, during the next few days, to launch the first official promo of the film, before it is released with theaters.


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