Referral of the papers of 5 persons accused of the explosion of the Itai-gunp oil pipeline to the Mufti


The second chamber of the Damanhour Criminal Court held in the Itai Baroud District Court Building, headed by Chancellor Jamal Touson, decided to refer the papers of 5 accused in the case of the oil pipeline fire in Itai Al Baroud, to the Mufti of Honor to express an opinion on their execution, and to determine the next March 26 session to pronounce the ruling.

The Public Prosecution had referred 10 accused in the case to the trial, on charges of deliberately sabotaging the oil pipeline in the village of Masoura in Itay El-Baroud, with the aim of stealing quantities of petroleum materials, which led to the ignition of fire from an unknown source as a result of the oil leakage of gasoline 95 from the line, and this resulted in death 9 citizens and wounding 11 others.According to a statement issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office earlier, the public prosecutor’s investigations revealed the defendants ’agreement to steal petroleum products from the“ Tanta-Damanhur ”pipeline passing through the Izbat al-Mawasir land at Itay al-Baroud, and therefore they rented it during the month of October, and transported pipes to it, and excavated in The ground until they punctured the line, installed a trap on it, and then they stole the passing materials in it. On the morning of November 13, one of them tried to install another stopcock and the line insulator was destroyed, and the materials started to leak until the matter came out of their control, they fled, and flames were ignited due to the fuel leak To a bank and mixing it with water, and as the father escalated Rh caught fire to burn the bodies of thieves and passers-by accident, which led to the death of nine people and injuring 11 others, destroyed property and crops and oil pipeline company estimated its loss at about 2.0005 million thousand pounds.

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