Register here .. to update your ration card and add a phone number


The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade sent, at the beginning of February, short messages to citizens of ration cards, through coupons for subsidized bread and ration goods, including entering the Egypt support website to register the telephone numbers for the name of the card owner or the phone number of a family member benefiting from the support Within the framework of the Ministry of Supply’s keenness to have a way to communicate with citizens.

A source at the Ministry of Supply said in a special statement to “Al-Bawaba News” that in the event of the word “Please register the mobile number on the” Egypt Support “website, you should quickly go to his catering office, and hand over the employee the mobile number registered in the name of the ration card holder, and the number is valid , Pointing out that the employee will add the mobile number to “System”.

And the Ministry of Supply requested that everyone who receives such a message during the exchange of the news or goods coupon, follow the previous procedures, to avoid stopping the card.

To enter the Egypt support website and register the phone number, please click Here

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