Renaissance Dam: The end of Washington negotiations and the expected announcement of a “comprehensive” US-sponsored agreement before the end of this month


Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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The rounds of the Renaissance Dam negotiations between the Foreign and Irrigation Ministers in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia were concluded in Washington, DC, in the presence of representatives of the World Bank and the United States.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday morning that the American side announced “that it will participate with the World Bank in finalizing the agreement and presenting it to the three countries within the next few days, in order to finish the agreement and sign it before the end of February.”

The Egyptian statement noted that the final agreement will include a “binding mechanism to settle any disputes” that may arise over the interpretation or application of the terms of this agreement, as well as a framework for the process of “operating the dam in the long run.”

In its statement, Egypt expressed its appreciation for the role played by the American administration and President Donald Trump, “which led to reaching this comprehensive agreement that fulfills the interests of the three countries and establishes relations of cooperation and complementarity between them and for the benefit of the entire region.”

The Ethiopian ambassador to America, Fitzum Arega, said in a tweet on Twitter, that the last round of talks held in Washington yesterday, Thursday, between the water ministers of the three countries “concluded their work without reaching an agreement,” according to the BBC’s Addis Ababa reporter, as the two wires.

On Thursday, local Ethiopian media reported on what he described as a “member of the Ethiopian negotiating delegation in Washington”, saying that the last round of Washington talks “is about to lead to a dead end.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement said: “The negotiation of the components and components of the Renaissance Dam Filling and Operation Agreement has been completed, which includes filling the dam in stages and specific procedures to deal with droughts and protracted droughts and scarce years that may coincide with the process of filling the dam, as well as long-term operating rules.”

The statement added that the negotiations also touched on “the coordination mechanism between the three countries that will undertake the follow-up of the implementation of the agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam, and items that specify technical data and information that will be circulated to verify the implementation of the agreement, as well as provisions related to the safety of the dam and dealing with emergency situations, as well as a binding mechanism To settle any disputes that may arise over the interpretation or application of this agreement. ”

Ethiopia, which is building the dam, wants to start generating electricity quickly, but Egypt is concerned about its share of water if the dam is filled quickly without regard.

The three countries reached a preliminary agreement last month, after talks mediated by Washington and the World Bank, that the process of filling the dam should take place in stages during the rainy season, but that “more negotiations” were needed before a final agreement was reached.

A joint statement of the three countries concerned, along with the US Treasury and the World Bank, said that Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan will review and sign a final agreement on the dam at the end of this month.

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