Report reveals the use of sewage oils in Chinese eating .. Watch


Chinese bad habits were not limited to eating exotic animals, as a shocking press report published by the “Daily Star” revealed strange practices related to the methods of cooking food in China, which made it subject to judicial follow-up and reached death sentences.

The report came that a large number of Chinese recycled impurities in sewage and converted them into cooking oils, then sold them to restaurants at cheap prices, especially in the famous “Sichuan” dishes, which are used in dense quantities.

With the spread of the deadly Corona virus, China tightened its control over these practices, and sentenced to death and imprisonment, given the seriousness of the matter to the health of millions of Chinese and the diseases that could spread through it.

Chinese media reported that these oils are highly toxic, and have side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and other serious health problems that cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The press report confirmed that 10% of the country’s cooking oil is still made from recycled waste, and although there is no direct link between sewage oils and the new Corona virus outbreak, these illegal practices are a major concern for long-term food safety in China .

It is worth noting that in 2011 32 people were arrested for producing contaminated oils from 100 tons of oil illegally obtained from a factory.


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