Reports: Real Madrid allocates 150 million euros to join Salah


English media reports confirmed that Real Madrid has returned to interest in the inclusion of the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, but on the condition that the Welsh Gareth Bell leave the team.

According to the English newspaper, the Express, Salah has been wanted at Real Madrid to remedy the club’s offensive problems in the recent period.

The newspaper pointed out that Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid is ready to pay 150 million euros in order to contract with Salah, while the idea of ​​contracting with Killian Mbappe is still contained.

She stressed that Real Madrid is ready to pay 300 million euros for the inclusion of Salah and Mbappe this coming summer.

The newspaper concluded its report, noting that the idea of ​​contracting with Salah will not take place on the ground until after Gareth Bale’s departure from Real Madrid.


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