Resurrection Osman 13 .. The first promo series, the founder Osman 13 thirteenth through the Turkish ATV channel and the site of light


Uthman’s Resurrection 13, Millions of fans and fans of the founder, Osman series, are searching for a date for the first teaser of the thirteenth episode, which is expected to witness very powerful events, to make viewers more excited to follow the rest of the seriess episodes, after Osman’s army clashed with the Mongols some many words conflict Extremely, the loss of the army of Uthman occurred, the Mongols made the warrior Seljan intense, and the commander of the Mongol army tortured Seljan very much.

Resurrection Osman 13 series thirteenth

The series, The Founder Osman, is a continuation of the series of the Artegral Resurrection, which was shown for five consecutive seasons, and was able to achieve very high viewing rates, whether in the Arab or other Turkish countries. The series revolves around the invading hero Othman I, one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire. And about the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and its transfer from poverty and loss to strength and solidity, and Osman is the third and youngest of Artgrel’s sons, succeeding his father after his death in Macedonia, after he was seriously ill, doctors were unable to recover from him, and Osman Ali stepped as a mother to achieve great victories.

The Resurrection of Othman 13

ATV TV series, founder Osman 13 thirteenth

The thirteenth episode of the Osman Resurrection series will be presented next Wednesday, at exactly eight oclock in the evening, Egypt time, and nine oclock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia time, through the official channel, which is the Turkish ATV channel, while the Algerian channel Al-Fajr will broadcast the series in Arabic on the next day of the show The series, along with a host of other channels.

The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

the channelThe satelliteFrequencyCoding rateFECthe quality
Turksat42.0 ° E1162827500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E1269227500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E1124327500 5/6SD

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