Ronaldo leads 7 stars get golden residence in the Emirates


The Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Italian Juventus player, presented the sports stars who obtained the golden residency in the Emirates, in the framework of the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to grant a package of long-term visas, and to confirm the position of the state, as an incubator for talents, creators, scientists and entrepreneurs.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him, adopted last May the system of permanent residency “the gold card” for investors, entrepreneurs, owners of specialized talents, and researchers in the fields of science and knowledge, with the aim of facilitating Doing business and creating an investment environment that attracts and encourages the growth and success of business for investors, entrepreneurs and talented people.

And with the aim of creating an environment conducive to investment and creativity, and to establish a development system characterized by stability, and the involvement of people with exceptional talents, to be permanent partners in the development process in the state.

strong relationship

And Cristiano Ronaldo has a strong relationship with Dubai, where he visits regularly, to spend his annual vacation and enjoy warmth and security, as he has participated in many occasions in the Dubai International Sports Conference, since the 2011 edition, speaking in a joint session with the Italian star Del Peru, and participated in The eighth edition in 2013, speaking in a session that I gathered with a number of children of determination, and also attended with Real Madrid in 2014, to receive the Globe Soccer Awards for the best player and best club, and participated in 2018, as a speaker in an extraordinary session, I gathered with the Brazilian star Ronaldo , Before returning and speaking in an extraordinary session about his career and the secrets of his brilliance The last version of the conference, held last December.


In addition to Ronaldo, the list of athletes who have won the golden residency so far, 6 other stars, are Luis Figo, the former Portuguese star and Real Madrid club, the former Brazilian star Roberto Carlos, Paul Pogba, Manchester United and France, and Miralem Pjanic, the Juventus player and the Bosnia national team, Lukaku is an Inter Milan player, Belgium, and Serbian tennis star Djokovic.

Other stars are nominated for the golden residency due to their continued stay in Dubai, such as Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer, Ivorian Didier Drogba and Frenchman Eric Abidal, sports director of FC Barcelona.

An ideal destination

Dubai, and the Emirates in general, are the ideal destination for sports stars to reside and invest in a variety of areas, where senior coaches reside in the world, and the European clubs are competing in launching football academies and its own stores and other commercial projects, because they realize the strength of the UAE market in promoting and marketing.

Dubai Sports Council is keen to communicate with international athletes during their visits to Dubai, and motivate them to reside in it, and introduce the advantages of living and investing in the country, and the support it provides for stability, through communication with the relevant government institutions. During its regular board meeting on September 25, 2019, Dubai Sports Council approved the nomination of a number of international sports stars from Dubai residents, and visitors to it continuously, to obtain a golden residence, in coordination with the General Administration of Residence and Foreign Affairs, and in accordance with government instructions issued regarding the golden residence.

Tourist kiss

Dubai has become one of the most tourist destinations in the world, for sports stars and celebrities throughout the year, especially in the winter, because it gives them enjoyment of calm, security and warmth, and the British newspaper The Sun ranked it last December, among the most prestigious international destinations to spend the New Year’s Eve, and being Authenticity means luxurious excursions, sun combinations and British style celebration.

Boot camps

Dubai is also the ideal destination for European clubs to set up their winter camps, such as Arsenal, who concluded its preparations at the Sports Complex yesterday, as well as other clubs, Dubai chose the headquarters for its preparations earlier, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Hamburg and Borussia Dortmund And others.



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