Russia bombs the countryside of Aleppo .. and targets a Turkish convoy


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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported, on Sunday, that 3 civilians were killed due to an aerial bombardment targeting the town of Sarmin in the eastern Idlib countryside, and a woman was killed by air strikes carried out by Russian warplanes on the city of Atarib in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The observatory also indicated that the death toll was expected to rise due to the presence of wounded people, some of whom were in critical conditions.

On the other hand, the hysterical shelling by the Syrian regime continues through dozens of raids and barrel bombs on Saraqib, its countryside, Sarmin, Nairab, Efas, Hass and other places in Idlib eastern and southeastern, in conjunction with intense Russian shelling on separate areas within the Aleppo countryside.

In addition, Russian aircraft targeted an ocean Turkish frame Near the village of Kafr Halab, in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo, while passing through the area after entering Syrian territory on Sunday morning.

Unknown destination

It is noteworthy that the observatory had reported earlier Sunday that a large Turkish military convoy, consisting of 40 tanks, armored vehicles, soldiers’ carriers, and military and logistical equipment, entered the Syrian territories from the “Kafrlosin” crossing, and went south without knowing the destination.

Turkish military vehicles at a checkpoint on the eastern outskirts of Saraqib on Saturday (AFP)
Turkish military vehicles at a checkpoint on the eastern outskirts of Saraqib on Saturday (AFP)

The Turkish forces had intentionally brought in logistical and military equipment consisting of tanks, armored vehicles and about 20 soldiers, to the entrance of the Kafr Kafr Amim village located east of the town of Saraqib, where they would establish a new military point for them at the Kafr Alamim Junction within what is known as the Abu Dahour – Saraqib Road, so that they would have been stationed With 3 points in the vicinity of Saraqib from the northern, southern and eastern sides, according to what the Observatory confirmed on Saturday.

It also decided to install a new point for it at the drug factory north of the town of Saraqib, after it had been stationed in the first point in the region of Al-Sawamou, south of Saraqib.

These two points are located on the Damascus-Aleppo International Highway, known as (M5).

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