Russia is developing new spacecraft for manned space flight .. Learn more


The Russian “Energiya” Corporation announced that it is developing two models of “Oriole” vehicles that will be dedicated to launching manned flights towards the International Space Station, and the company’s general manager, Nikolai Sevastyanov said: The launch will take place from Russias Vostochny Aerospace Airport and using an Angara-A5 missile. This flight will test launch and spacecraft operating systems and landing systems. “

He added, “The second model of these vehicles that we are currently developing will come with updated systems and it is supposed to be launched on an unmanned experimental flight towards the International Space Station in 2024, and in the next year this vehicle will carry the pioneers from Earth to the station.” Ross Cosmos, “Russian aerospace, Dmitry Rogozin, has indicated earlier that the Energia Foundation has finished manufacturing and developing some parts of the promising” Oriole “spacecraft, including parts of structures and energy equipment.

Russia is developing this type of vehicle to replace the famous Soyuz vehicles that have worked for decades to transport astronauts and goods into space, and these vehicles are designed to be larger and more comfortable for astronauts, and to accommodate 4 pioneers instead of 3 as is the case with Soyuz vehicles Also, it will be able to take space trips of up to 30 days.


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