Safety, Emergencies and Droughts .. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announces an agreement on the Renaissance Dam


The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said today, Friday, that negotiations have been completed on the components and components of the agreement to fill and operate the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and procedures for dealing with droughts and scarce years.

She added in a statement on her Facebook page that the negotiations touched on provisions related to the safety of the dam and dealing with emergency situations, as well as a binding mechanism to resolve any disputes.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry also announced reaching a final agreement on the plan to fill the dam, after rounds of negotiations in Washington between foreign and irrigation ministers in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.

The negotiations took place under the auspices of US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin and in the presence of World Bank representatives.

The Egyptian Ministry stated that the negotiation of the components and components of the agreement for filling and operating the Renaissance Dam had been completed.

According to the statement, these elements and components include filling the dam in stages, and specific procedures to deal with droughts, protracted droughts and scarce years that may coincide with the filling process of the dam.

The Ministry indicated that the negotiations touched upon the coordination mechanism between the three countries that will undertake the follow-up of the implementation of the agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam, and items that specify technical data and information that will be circulated to verify the implementation of the agreement.

The negotiations also touched on provisions related to dam safety and dealing with emergency situations, as well as a binding mechanism for resolving any disputes that may arise over the interpretation or application of this agreement.

According to the Egyptian statement, the American side, in partnership with the World Bank, will finalize the agreement in its final form and present it to the three countries within the next few days, to finish the agreement and sign it before the end of February.

According to a “historic” agreement, Egypt’s share of the Nile is 55.5 billion cubic meters, while Sudan’s share is 18.5 billion cubic meters.

Cairo fears the impact of the Renaissance Dam on the flow of Nile water to it, and Addis Ababa says it does not aim to harm Egypt’s interests, stressing that the aim of the dam is to generate electricity in the first place.

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