Sama Al-Masry explains to married women how to quit malt, so you can adapt your husband


Arts 10/23/2019 21:28

Gulf 365 – Dancer Sama Al-Masry does not stop raising controversy despite all the warnings, but rather finds “pleasure” as she talks about sensitive issues that affect marital relations and intimate moments between husbands, to show herself as the social guide that many women expect.

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Despite the number of cases brought against the Egyptian on charges of spreading vice and calling for sex, she continues her journey through the communication sites to talk about things that cannot be touched and speak in public.

Al-Masry recently published a video in which she advises women about the times when the wife chooses to have an intimate relationship with her husband.

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Al-Masry said deliberately in the video to show parts of her body, that wives should not ask to have sexual relations with their husbands when they are tired or their mind is busy because he cannot.

And she wrote, in a commentary on the video, a headline: So the six choose the appropriate time for the relationship. This is all present in a new video on the channel ((Harem is exclusive with Sama Al Masri)).

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Sama Al-Masry’s videos are not limited to her house despite the sensitivity of the topics, but she brags about spreading excitement in the street, in another video of her walking in the rain, and her body features became completely visible after her clothes were wet.

Sama appeared in the video, dressed in wet jeans, blouses her most prominent charms after the wetness, and memorial photos were taken with the citizens on the street.

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Sama commented on the video, saying: “I swear to God, I will still limit my time in the street … Repentance, bring the new Egypt again … Ammar Yamsar …. I will give the sweetness of Egypt and what will happen in Egypt ….”

Activists said that Sama Al-Masry does not stop excitement, especially during the recent period, and caused controversy with her pictures and videos that you publish through her account on Instagram and her channel on YouTube.

They demanded that the relevant authorities put an end to this recklessness.

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