Saudi Arabia is witnessing the largest cold wave relay in 28 years


Several Saudi cities recorded low temperatures that reached five degrees below zero during the past two nights, which is an unusual weather in the Kingdom. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the city of Turaif in the north of the country, on the border with Jordan, recorded five degrees below zero, while it landed in the northern city of Hail The middle of the country is three degrees below zero, while the city of Arar, on the border with Iraq, scored two degrees below zero, according to Sky News.

This winter in Saudi Arabia witnessed unusually low temperatures, as the temperatures in the capital Riyadh, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, reached one degree, around dawn..

“Saudi Arabia is witnessing the strongest cold wave since 2016, but this winter is witnessing more than one succession of the cold waves that have continued since the winter of 1992,” said Hassan Abdullah, an expert at the “Wessem” meteorological center specializing in the weather of the Arab region.“.

Abdullah said, in a statement to France Press, that “the pursuit of cold waves in this form is rare in Saudi Arabia“.

Saudi media broadcast snow footage covering many streets in the cities of Hail, Tarif and Arar, and users posted on social networking sites scenes of snowfall on their homes and cars covered in white.

Abdullah pointed out that temperatures recorded their lowest levels also in the western region in the cities of Jeddah and Mecca, known for their warm atmosphere, as they recorded 15 and 13 degrees Celsius at the end of last January, which is 6 degrees lower than the average temperatures in them..

It is worth noting that the Gulf weather witnessed today, Thursday, an activity of warm, windy, winds, dust and dust on areas in Saudi Arabia, while in the UAE, they woke up to partly cloudy and dusty sometimes during the day on exposed areas it becomes wet during the night.


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