Scenes from “Sinjub” engagement, weeks after her divorce .. and her boyfriend: I knew him 3 months ago


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Salma Cabarete sermon famous for

Delightful videos, documenting the happiness of Salma Alkabariti, famous for “Sinjoub”, by her engagement to a hairdresser named “Mahmoud Abdo”, published by her friend “Mohamed Fawzy”, through his personal account on “Facebook”, after 4 months of Salma Secession From Her Ex-wife, Photographer Hossam Atef, Known As “Antica”.

“Fawzi” congratulated the newlyweds on their engagement, commenting on the pictorial material, that “Salma” got acquainted with her current fiance 3 months ago. Every need in the world, he knows what he is doing. ”

During her engagement, the bride appeared in a light blue dress, which was characterized by sheen, with long sleeves, while the groom appeared in semi-formal clothes.

“Sinjoub” announces her engagement months after her divorce

“He looks in your eyes and tells you that he loves you because you are the most beautiful despite your many faults. He loves you as if there is nothing on the ground except you” “Romantic words that Salma Kabariti, famous for” Sinjoub “ended, praising God, so the blogger chose to announce her engagement.

Through her account on the Instagram photo and video sharing application, the blogger known as “Sinjoub” published pictures of her sermon, which her followers interacted with for the blessing: “Eh cheerful de”, “God bless you well”, “I swear to God, you deserve all the best.”

Social Media pioneers comments on Snoopup link

Almost 4 months is the time that has elapsed since the divorce of “Sinjoub”, which sparked controversy over the “Social Media” due to the short period of time to enter into another emotional relationship, so that some of the pioneers described the second sermon as “Move Move on da la er”.

“Sinjub” separated from “Antica”

“Sinjoub” separated from the photographer Hossam Atef, known as “Antica”, which caused sadness on “Social Media”, because of the love story that brought together the couple for 8 years, to end in marriage, but it did not last long as the two announced their separation in November of the year the past.


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