Schubert reveals Sherif Ekrami’s offers and the secret of his grief from Al-Ahly administration … and Al-Shennawi’s relationship with his decision to leave


Media player Ahmed Schubert revealed Al-Ahly Previous, Backstage Sheriff Ekrami, Al Ahmar goalkeeper, to leave Al Hamra at the end of the season.

Ekrami announced his departure yesterday from Al-Ahly, after the end of the current season. See details.

Schubert said in radio statements on the “On Sport” channel: “I spoke with Ekrami yesterday, he told me that he was very patient and trained in a distinct way to return again to guard the den of Al-Ahly.”

He explained, “Ikrami has 3 ready offers, most notably El Gouna and Pyramids, because he wants to return to the Egyptian national team again.”

He continued: “He told me: I will go to another club and I guarantee the basic play, I will not go to collect money,” explaining that he wants to return to the stadiums and is able to appear with distinction.

He continued: “My tip explained to me that he was not angry at Al-Ahly, but he has a blame on the officials, that they did not talk to him or his colleagues Hossam Ashour, Walid Suleiman and Ahmed Fathi, about renewing the contract.”

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He continued: “My tip told me a text: It is better that the administration was talking to us whether they wanted us to continue with the team or leave, but postponing the talk about this causes us some pain and sadness, and this is one of the biggest motivations for taking the decision to leave.”

And on the other motives for the departure of Al-Ahrami from Al-Ahly, Schubert explained: “Mohamed Al-Shinnawi is the main team keeper and he performs in a distinctive way, and Sharif knew that he will only play in the event of his teammate’s injury, and he is indeed No. 2.”

On the timing of the announcement of Sharif Ekrami’s decision to leave, Schubert said: “He is waiting for the end of the Hilal match and the end of the group stage and ensuring qualification for the quarter-finals, and the end of the winter transfer season, to assure everyone that he is there, until the decision to leave Al-Ahly was announced.”

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