Secretary General of Arab Doctors: “ablution” is the best way to prevent “new corona”


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The Federation of Arab Doctors organized a scientific symposium on the emerging corona virus, in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Sustainable Professional Development and the Egyptian Society for Infection Control.

Dr. Osama Raslan, Secretary-General of the Federation, said at the beginning of the symposium titled “The New Corona Virus Between Intimidation and Underestimation”, that the Islamic religion put the pillars of preventive medicine and the prevention of such diseases through ablution, which makes a person wash his body 5 times a day, which is one of the The best methods of disease prevention, including corona, where it reduces the chances of contracting viral and epidemic diseases, citing the hadith of the Prophet: “Do you see that if a river in one of you was washed every day for five, is there anything left of his tuber?”

And Raslan added: “One of the research laboratories conducted a study on the people least vulnerable to epidemic and viral diseases, and discovered that Bosnia is the least vulnerable country to such viruses with a safety rate of 96%, followed by Turkey with 89%. And by thinking a little, I concluded that this was caused by ablution, as Islamic countries.

Dr. Ali Zaki, professor of virology, Ain Shams University, confirmed that the Corona virus is not new, and that there are a number of viruses called “Corona”, and that the virus is very close to the SARS virus that was discovered in Guangdong Province, China in 2003, and the disease has spread there Without a known reason, 874 deaths resulted at that time, explaining the ways in which the virus mutates, enters the human body, and transmits it from person to person.

“Zaki” explained scientific details about the “virus” and how it transformed from animals to humans, and its transmission from one person to another, as it moved from a bat to a cat, and from it to humans, stressing that its incubation period is from two days to 14 days, and that there are 7 types of viruses Similar ones include 5 rumors, and 2 as Corona, and he explained the ability of the virus to adapt to the body, pointing out that Southeast Asia is a well-known source of viruses in scientific research, as a large number of viruses and epidemic diseases have emerged throughout history.

Dr. Abd al-Latif al-Murr, professor of public health at Zagazig University, said that “Covid 19” disease, known as the new corona, is one of the diseases that is diagnosed as narrow spread, adding that the epidemiology of disease control is based on the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” », Stressing that the new corona virus does not transmit easily from person to person, and that its transmission requires close contact with a distance not exceeding 1.8 meters, and that its incubation period is from two days to 24 days, explaining that the disease does not transmit during the incubation period, which is the period when the disease is present in the body without Symptoms appear. A nanny called “Maradadela” transmitted the disease Send to 200 people before symptoms appear.

He explained that the publicity accompanying the disease caused the people to panic, which raised the prices of “Tamiflu” and “catcher” in Egypt, pointing out that the danger of the disease is when the elderly or the medical team is injured, and that it is transmitted by spray and direct sneezing, or the use of items by more than one person and not It is transmitted with food and drink, and the probability of treating it is very high.

“The Murr” continued: “The Egyptians should not be concerned about the disease, especially with the absence of patients inside the country. There is no reason to wear a mask, but we must take preventive measures, such as: washing hands, avoiding spraying, avoiding crowding as much as possible, and applying personal hygiene rules. And eating healthy eating to increase immunity, and sneezing etiquette by applying a napkin to the mouth and nose ».

Dr. Maha Fathi, Professor of Microbiology at Ain Shams University, addressed the methods of transmission of the disease, stressing that the greatest degrees of risk lie with the doctors, and that wearing a mask is very important for members of the medical team, especially those working in the reception.

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