Shakush and Hamu Bika failure in musical profession tests


We are facing a big problem which is the songs of festivals, said artist Hani Shaker, explaining that he is sad about the spread of such art.

He added during today’s episode of the program “On My Responsibility”, broadcasted on the satellite channel “Echo Al Balad”, presented by the media “Ahmed Moussa”, that most of the singers of the songs do not know how to read and write, explaining that he is sad about the words repeated by these young people and their choice of vulgar words.

Shaker stressed that he listened to the girl’s song and marveled at her lyrics, which contain drugs and wines, pointing out that controls will be put in the field of festivals and they will be tested and given a monthly permit.

Shaker noted that the festivals singer Hassan Shakoush passed the tests of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, but the singer Hamou Beca failed the exam.

Shaker denounced the selection of the singer Asami as strange as Hassan Shakoush, confirming that his real name is not like this.


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