Shawky Gharib: 10 senior players in the first Olympic list next June


Olympic team coach Shawky Gharib confirmed that the first team list that will be sent to the International Football Association “FIFA” It will feature several great players.

Shawky Gharib said in exclusive statements to “Super Koura”: We will include more than two senior players for the first team list that will be sent to the International Federation, where 3 players will be chosen from them to participate permanently in the upcoming world championship.

The Olympic team is preparing for an international friendly championship in the UAE next March, in preparation for participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, organized by Japan next summer.

The Pharaohs coach explained that he will not be able to get fifty young players born in 1997, so the list of the big players will be completed in anticipation of any circumstance that might happen in the future.

The English media highlighted comments Shawky Gharib, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team After announcing the inclusion of Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, to the list participating in the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020”, where the national coach said in statements to the “Number One” program that is broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel yesterday: “Mohamed Salah is at the top of the Olympic team list, and I did not communicate With Mohamed Salah so far, it is possible that the Football Association spoke to him“.

He continued: “We have offered the desire to include Mohamed Salah and wait for his decision, and the presence of Mohamed Salah with the Olympic will help to win a medal in the Olympics,” adding, “We have not settled on any name of the adults except Mohamed Salah and it is possible not to include any other player.”

The newspaper “Daily Mail”: that Shawky Gharib’s comments regarding the choice of Mohamed Salah in the senior trio with the Egyptian team in the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020”, came as a strong blow to the German coach Juergen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, especially as football matches in the Olympics will end On August 8, the same date as the launch of the new edition of the Premier League competition “The Premier League.”“.

The newspaper added that Mohamed Salah will be absent from the beginning of Liverpool’s career in the new edition of the Premier League competition “The Premier League”, if his participation with the national team in the Olympics is confirmed, as he will need to obtain rest after the completion of his mission with the “Pharaohs”“.

Juergen Klopp had confirmed earlier that the final decision regarding the participation of Mohamed Salah with the Egyptian team in the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020” has not been taken yet..


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