She got married without his knowledge .. A son shoots his mother on the coast


Cairo Investigations managed to arrest a driver for firing on his mother, in conjunction with his uncle, for her marriage without their knowledge of the coast, and Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, the director of Cairo Security, ordered to refer them to the prosecution.

Information was received by officers of the Coast Police Investigation Department that one person fired bullets from a firearm and accompanied him with a white weapon while they were in front of a street in the area of ​​their residence.By conducting the investigations under the supervision of Major General Nabil Salim, director of the Capital Investigation Department, it was found that the information received was correct and by preparing the necessary ambushes, the department’s investigation officers, accompanied by the accompanying force, were able to arrest the accused and found that they were a driver and a possession of a firearm, a cartridge and a driver in possession of a white weapon, “a sword”, and confronting them with investigations and what resulted On his discovery, they confessed that they possess firearms and white weapons with the intention of quarreling with the first housewife, the mother of the first, the sister of the second, and her husband, a driver and resident of the same address, for their opposition to the first marriage of the second without their knowledge.

The first suspect admitted to firing with weapons from his possession during the fight, “without injuries”.

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