Shema El-Hajj announces her engagement … and Mona Farouk threatens to commit suicide


After the spread of special statements by Mona Farouk, in which she announced her crisis and her thoughts about suicide, the actress Shima Al-Hajj announced her coming to marriage and her decision to devote herself to her house and her husband immediately after the passport, she commented: “Nawiya devotes myself to my husband and serves him with my own eyes.”

It is reported that both artists were subjected to severe attack, after a pornographic video of them was published with director Khaled Youssef, which caused them to enter prison and investigate them, but after this crisis, both of them tried to live normally. She threatened to commit suicide.

Shima El Hajj’s engagement to a businessman’s Valentine’s Day

Sheima celebrated her engagement ceremony to one of the top businessman named Ahmed, on Valentine’s Day on February 14th, and she was wearing an attractive red dress. Shema Al-Hajj commented about her engagement, saying: “We loved each other … and this love provided for our Lord, and I was confident in his stead.”

Mona Farouk is experiencing an acute psychological crisis

While “Shima” celebrates her engagement, Mona Farouk is living in a bad psychological state, she stated in a live broadcast on her social networking site “Instagram” saying: “All people stayed away from me and all my friends broke off their relationship with me, I made a mistake but why no one met me … There is no solution other than death ” Despite the offensive act that I did, he sympathized with some artists, such as the artist Sherif Mounir, saying: “My dear Mona Farouk … our Lord is Forgiving, Most Merciful.


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