Sherif Ekrami signs for Pyramids 3 years after leaving Al-Ahly


signed Sherif Ekrami, Al-Ahly club goalkeeper For Pyramids for 3 seasons after announcing his departure from Al-Ahly, in order to enter a new experience and avoid the bench of the Red Genie, a source inside the Pyramids administration confirmed that his club obtained the signature of the international goalkeeper a month ago.

Sharif Ikrami stipulated playing essential before signing for Pyramids, as the main reason for his departure from Al-Ahly was the freeze on the bench.

Sharif Ikrami issued a statement announcing his departure from the Red Fort at the end of the season, hours after the return of the Red Team from Sudan after the Sudanese Crescent confrontation in the African Champions League, which ended in a positive 1-1 tie between the two teams to qualify Al-Ahly accompanied by the coastal star for the next round.

The reason behind Sharif Ikrami’s announcement to leave is his permanent exclusion from the list of matches for a long time, in addition to the delay of the Red Administration in entering into negotiations with him regarding the renewal of his contract that ends at the end of the current season, and several clubs entered into negotiations with Ekrami, including El Gouna and the Alexandria Union, and Sherif Ikrami A lengthy statement was written on his official page, the text of which reads as follows: “In the beginning I would like to thank Al-Ahly club officials whether they want to continue in the team or not and all the best for them in what is to come. Thanks a lot for each goalkeeper coach and technical manager who dealt with him, so every Which of you had his fingerprint, I benefited from it during AD Shawari inside the walls of the club ..

I had never intended to take the decision to play outside the Al-Ahly Club, but at the same time I tried hard to control my desire to be on the field, for a while not more than two years ago, everyone witnessed with my professionalism and full commitment, applying all the principles and rules I learned and Behavior throughout my career inside the club. “

Intense moral struggle forced me to make the most difficult decision, because it is the club that has a beautiful memory inside me in every corner of it and the team that I did not imagine that I would protect another den other than him, the decision was a heavy psychological burden but left my center without artistic crises and the stability of the team and the position of management, All factors helped me to make a decision.

After a career spanning more than 23 years as a young player and a player in the first team, and with the end of my current contract approaching, God has made it difficult for me to take one of the most important and difficult decisions in the Al-Ahly Club, in which I remove the embarrassment from the Board of Directors, which I have full respect for and what I sensed as well Allergy to this file.

“23 years, they used to assume responsibility on the field, there is no joy in football than the fun of matches and participating in them bearing the Al-Ahly logo, and my goal remained during the last period trying to return again to the den with hard effort and patience, waiting for a real opportunity, but one day after another it becomes Reality is more difficult. “


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