Singapore records 6 new cases of coronavirus


The State of Singapore has announced the appearance of 6 new infections with the Coruna virus, bringing the number of people infected with the virus to 24, according to Al-Arabiya satellite channel.

Singapore had announced the appearance of the first case of the deadly coronavirus, of a person who was not coming from the country of China, according to urgent news to the media, after it had also announced a short time ago the state of Belgium about the appearance of the first infection with this virus.

Singapore announced yesterday that the outbreak of the Corona virus will harm its economy this year after announcing new measures to tackle the disease, which originally started in China and moved to Singapore and several other countries. Singapore has reported four cases of coronavirus, which has claimed 426 lives in China so far. Last year, Singapore recorded 0.7 percent growth, the lowest rate in ten years.

“We certainly expect that there will be an impact on our economy, business and consumer confidence this year, especially with this situation expected to continue for some time,” said Singapore Minister of Commerce Chan Chung Seng. Worker tax.

The Chinese represent the largest number of visitors to Singapore, which was one of the countries worst affected during the 2003 SARS outbreak, which killed 800 people worldwide, and Singapore expects growth in the range of 0.5 to 2.5 percent this year, and Chan is part of a workforce Formed by the government to counter the spread of the Corona virus in Singapore.

The task force also announced a series of new measures on Monday to stop the spread of the virus, including urging schoolchildren and staff who have recently traveled to China to stay home for two weeks. Families travel in Singapore, many of whom are of Chinese descent and have relatives in China, for the Lunar New Year holiday.


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