“Sohag felonies” refer the papers of a worker slaughtering the sons of his wife’s sister to the mufti


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The Sohag Criminal Court referred, at its hearing today, the papers of a worker from the “Sheikh Makram” village in the Sohag Center Department, accused of killing the two sons of his wife’s sister by slaughtering them with a dagger to steal the gold jewelery of their mother, to the Mufti’s eminence to take the opinion of his virtue in his execution and set the next May session to pronounce the ruling .

The session was chaired by Chancellor Mohamed Abdel Hafez, membership of Advisors Walid Sayed Amir, and Najeh Abdel Hamid, with the secretariat of Majed Amin, and Taha Hussein.

The events of the case date back to December of 2018, when Major General Hassan Mahmoud, director of Sohag Security, received a notification from the Sohag police station, that two people were killed inside their house in the village of “Sheikh Makram” in the center’s department, so Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, found out from the examination And checking, found two dead bodies. M. “17 years old – a student,” and her brother Ahmed, “6 years old – a student,” inside their house in the same area, registered each of them in a room.

In their symposium, they found the presence of a slaughtered wound in the neck of each of them, and by asking their mother, Najlaa. On “35 years – housewife”, she decided that after returning from her sister’s house in the same area, she discovered the incident, and added that their father works in the State of Saudi Arabia, and an expanded research team was formed under the leadership of Major General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, Director of Criminal Investigation, to uncover the mystery of the crime, and resulted in efforts by a team Research, that the perpetrator of the incident is the husband of the victim’s maternal aunt, satisfied. s. M. «34 years-worker», and the accused has been arrested, and in confronting him, I confess to committing the incident because of his financial distress, as he determined and intent to steal the gold jewelery of the victim’s mother.

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