Sources about the dance incident: The students played the video on the smart board – the provinces


Official sources at the Directorate of Education in Menoufia Governorate confirmed that the incident of students’ dance on a video played on the smart board inside Al-Farouk Omar Secondary School for Boys in Sadat City was referred to investigation.

The sources indicated, in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan”, that the incident dates back to last Sunday, on the first day the smart board was installed inside the classes, stressing that he does not know how the students played a video of a dancer in the classroom, stressing that the maximum penalty will be imposed on the perpetrators of the incident .

The Al-Faruq Omar Secondary Boys School in Sadat City, in the Menoufia Governorate, witnessed the play of students dancing on the songs of the artist Mohamed Ramadan in the classroom, in addition to running the dancer on a smart screen in one of the classes.

The spread of the videos on social networking sites angered parents, activists, and social media activists in Menoufia, while a source in the Directorate of Education in Menoufia confirmed the fact, confirming that an investigation is underway with everyone who caused it.

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