Special After he was prevented from singing despite his union .. “The Musicians”: Omar Kamal


03:06 PM

Monday 17 February 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Still echoes the decision of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, which requires tourist establishments, ships, and nightclubs to prohibit dealing with festival singers, so that they are not subject to legal accountability, occupying the public and social media pioneers, especially since it was implemented a few hours after its disclosure, to prevent union singer Omar Kamal From reviving a wedding in a hotel yesterday evening Sunday, February 16th.

“Masrawy” contacted the artist Khaled Bayoumi, the captain of the musical professions in Sharkia governorate, and the treasurer of the Syndicate of Musical Professions; to reveal the position of the union of Omar Kamal as a member, and his situation differs from the festivals singers, some of whom work with permits from the union.

Bayoumi said: “We do not take emotional individual decisions in the union, and when the song” The Girl of the Neighbors “achieved great numbers, Hassan Shakush was on a program and made an intervention with the artist Hani Shaker, in which he said to him: You are good, good and may your generosity be in the committee. (The girl next door) has two words that are not sweet. “

Bayoumi continued: “I spoke to Omar Kamal and said that they would change the two words, and everyone was surprised at the Cairo stadium, by presenting the song in front of 90,000 viewers and at a ceremony shown on the DMC channel, without change, despite their assertion that it was a misfortune.” The union is the first item in which music elevates public taste, not to incite vice and bad speech, art is the soft forces that cultivate in the hearts of young and young people beautiful meanings, if we want to learn about the civilization of a people we listen to its music, and the media should help the union in its endeavor to improve public taste, And asking us to stay away from boredom and overtones. “

Bayoumi came back to talk about Omar’s position, explaining, “Omar is a member of the union, but it is not above the law. The statement issued by the union in the early hours of yesterday morning came after discussion sessions that brought us together with Captain Hani Shaker. We talked, discussed and heard opinions before making the decision, and the festivals prevented us until we stopped The confusion on the social media a few days ago, and Omar came among those who would be banned, because he classifies himself as a person who got his popularity from festivals singers, and he put himself under this title, “referring to a popular video in which Omar appears with Hama Becca and the latter says to him:” You are Jaitley Here, there is no one who knows about you, ”explaining:“ He who knows nothing becomes Singing protects those who sing. “

Omar Kamal’s paragraph, which he presented at the Cairo Stadium ceremony, aroused the anger of the musicians and the owners of real talents, and on that, Bayoumi says: “All the people saw the video, and Omar appeared with the experience, and the singer himself is a rival in a stadium in which there is confusion from the audience who bawls and sings with the artist , And here the difference appeared, so one meeting would sing in the opera house and one of the greatest voices would be sitting in 150 pounds, and in return one person all heard him with a curriculum and not later saying the words, and people start blaming the union council and Hani Shaker. Omar presented himself in a monster and abusive even though he was fine.

He concluded by emphasizing that there are other steps that will be taken in the case of Omar Kamal, as a member, as he is scheduled to be investigated, after being summoned, and accordingly there will be decisions regarding him, adding: “The ban decision came because the union had to intervene, and I thank the Ministry of Culture Because of the speed of her intervention, because the singer, after obtaining the syndicate’s Kareni, goes to censorship to extract what are called artistic works, which have judicial seizure, and make lectures for violators; therefore I thank the Ministry of Culture, Censorship, Works and the Tourism Police, for joining everyone in implementing the decision, which did not go out to prevent a specific person However, because the issue has increased p N alone. “


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