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Tuesday 04 February 2020

I wrote – Ishraq Ahmed:

Ahmad Al-Saeed still lives in China. He also sees his condition, his house there in the city of “Ningxia” northwest of the People’s Republic, housing him with his Chinese wife and returning to him from time to time, taking his daughter to visit her grandparents, in this country he has lineage and brother-in-law, as well as human feelings for the country that studied its language and specializes in its culture Therefore, when the news of the Corona virus spread, he was not satisfied with the effect, but rather rushed to provide assistance as much as he could, and within about 24 hours he was able to provide two thousand medical masks – a mask – to doctors and nurses in two cities in China that have a deficiency in this medical necessity.

Two days ago, Al-Saeed received a phone call from China, a friend of his who informs him about the catastrophic situation in the city where his wife’s family lives and has lived for about 10 years. “There are no hospitals, no mask, no nurses, and the nurses are sick because they do not have a mask to wear while they treat people.” Five hospitals include “Ningxia”, says Al-Saeed, almost without the most basic protection requirements, after the disease spread since the end of December 2019.

Immediately, Al-Saeed moved, the young man found no alternative to providing assistance, and he intended to send medical masks and ship them to China, especially after contacting the director of a hospital in the intended city, who told him that they received 4 cases, including two nurses.

Within 48 hours, Al-Saeed defied time twice, the first of which was to provide 2,200 medical masks of a strong isolation type called “N95”: “I collected them from a lot of places because, unfortunately, the Chinese after the crisis withdrew a lot of quantities so they sold them there”, so he had no choice but to the black market to get a large amount, And the young man bore thirtieth the difference in cost, as the price of one muzzle reached 20 pounds, while the usual price does not exceed 6 pounds.


The second time was to catch the last Egyptian plane flying from Cairo airport heading to China, after which the airlines between the two countries stop, so how about two thousand medical masks reach that plane?

Al-Saeed imagined that things are easy for the humanitarian situation in crisis, and also to bear him individually sending the expelling of masks on the plane and receiving them there by the Red Cross in China, who was awarded a certificate donating officially, and ensuring that the muzzles meet the required specifications, but that almost disappointed Al-Saeed.



The beginning of Al-Saeed’s communication with the Chinese embassy in Egypt, so they told him that they would not send anything at the moment and such matters required time, but the Egyptian youth did not despair; throughout the day before yesterday he continued to communicate with who knows, the interest of foreign experts in China, which works as a coordinator There, they also gave him a certificate of donation, and they also sent someone to Cairo Airport to receive the masks and deliver them to China.

All about Al-Saeed, pushing him to move forward with what he does, some people misrepresented that “the Chinese deserve what they deserve”, as well as listening to his knowledge of the suffering, and the last one before setting off to the airport, his talk to the first secretary of the Chinese Cultural Center, who told him Its city, Tangshan, in northern China, also has no masks in its hospitals, so the young man has decided to ship his belongings and share the hospitals of the two cities with the highest deficiency in medical masks, says Al-Saeed.

With the beats of eight in the evening, Al-Saeed came to Cairo Airport, he had 5 cardboard boxes containing medical masks, but I was greeted with a surprise, “Customs Security received two positions of all the cartons because the Chinese who were in Egypt are tourism and took many masks for personal use”, they considered this a commercial transaction, as he told him Officials said he should go to the Ministry of Health and it is best to ship his belongings through the cargo village.

Confused the scene. Time is running out and the clock is approaching towards the call on the last trip to China, but Al-Saeed was not left alone, and a number of people stood with him. At that time, Al-Saeed did not rest. He thought about changing the means of transportation. He rushed to buy 4 bags of travel and emptied the contents of the boxes. Perhaps this would convince the officials that the masks are for donation and not a commercial matter besides what he holds of the certificate proving this, and it was.



The bags entered the company with the Chinese companion, at ten thirty-five minutes. Less than half an hour the plane goes off. Al-Saeed’s nerves did not stop calmly, thinking that the masks were on their way to flight, until the tension returned.

The Egyptian youth ran to contact the airport manager, asking him that the situation is humanitarian, telling him that a pledge could be written on himself, the important thing is that the masks reach those who need them, he recalls the call of the Chinese hospital director, “I want to protect my team, but they can deal with people”, as his eyes tear, For fear of losing all the effort, and the hope of those waiting there in China, the relief will come.

In a scene approaching the cinema, inside the container manager’s office at Cairo Airport, the official answered the call of Al-Saeed, quickly grabbed the wireless phone and stopped the plane for the purpose of boarding medical masks. “At the last minute, the bags got out of the plane at 11 and 5 minutes,” Al Saeed said.

After 4 hours, the Egyptian youth breathed. An excuse is sought by those who stopped the running of bags during this period due to the large quantities in the company of those departing the airport, but no one knows how to differentiate this simple necessity in such a crisis; the next day the bags arrived at Beijing airport, a policeman was assigned to protect them “Our fear of people suffocates them when you know that It has masks, “while the main purpose is to reach doctors and nurses as” the first line of defense, “as Al-Saeed describes.


As if a heavy load was lifted from Sadr Al-Saeed after he learned that the problem in the two cities was partially solved after the distribution of the masks, while he was affected by the reaction of the first secretary at the Chinese Cultural Center, when he told her that the masks reached their destination. .

24 hours, the founder of the Egyptian House of Wisdom will not forget it, and he is unable to stop thinking about what the Chinese are suffering this time. “The virus is transmitted from one person to another. People are afraid to leave the house or receive someone.” Al-Saeed knows that what he has done will not harm the republic’s residents. The popular “catcher has a validity of 48 hours”, and maybe he will not be able to repeat the matter, as they told him at the airport that he should coordinate with the Ministry of Health next time, but he feels a little satisfied to try.

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