Stop this farce … a message of supplication Farouk to the organizers of collective wedding


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Posted Date: Thursday, 20 February 2020 – 9:41 | Last update: Thursday, February 20 2020 – 9:41

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        The media person, Doaa Farouk, sent a message to the organizers of the collective wedding, which is held especially in celebration of the orphan's day, so she preferred that her message be early.<p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Witness- Useful Sheiha cries on the air .. Find out why<br/></a>

Farouk wrote on her official Facebook page that she asked the organizers of these parties to stop her, because every bride wishes to be a queen on her wedding day.

She said: “To all the organizers of weddings and collective weddings, whether they are foundations or charities, or they are companies or bodies that allocate some of their budget for some of the money for the making of such collective weddings … I wrote to you a day and a month before the orphan, I said the right to you before what fas falls in the header uniform Every year, you start organizing these disastrous mass wedding parties … I love your head for free from them. ”

She continued: “I know very well the sincerity of your intentions and your endeavor to bring pleasure to the heart of every bride and groom within the one hundred or fifty or a thousand who drive their day against their will to attend their collective joy in which every need in bulk or in a dozen multiplied by ten … There is no queen of the party, so the bride in On her wedding day she is the undisputed queen of her party, and there is no competitor for her position … No matter how the girls wear in the wedding, there is only one girl who looks in white, everyone awaits her appearance, but in the collective weddings, you find that brides are more than maidens … One is not distinguished from the other, and the abundance of white dresses It makes you thrive in seeing it and makes it like tens or hundreds and maybe Some try to gain Bont to halt the feelings of Arayes brings together the largest number of them in the history of collective weddings, thinking that the work of Elly what works. ”

She added: “I was invited last year to attend one of these joys, and it was the first time that I brought a collective joy and I went with a pure intention in the face of God that I compel the minds of the people who will marry her day and bring their joy to me and a group of artists and singers .. The truth is said that the view from a distance shape explains the heart a lot of girls Dressed in wedding dresses, and their grooms, dressed in suits and baboons, sitting next to each other, and music tunes increase the overall scene in delight, so the picture appears from far away, cheerful and joyful, but whenever you approach every couple, and of course, the cameras in Dilana find that the picture is not like that. N cover her face with her hands and says please, Mesh Aaozh I imagine, and there are those who received shyness wrenching features … What’s hand-trick forced agree to these Jersh named collective joy because it is the only way to take the check submitted by the Assembly or the institution to help them the difficulties of life. ”

She concluded her message: “Please stop this farce and preserve the feelings of the bride and grooms … Help them without what they beware of.”



It is reported that Duaa Farouk presents a social program entitled “Ask with Duaa” and it is shown on “Al-Nahar” channel.

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