Sudan: We will not concede our excess share in the Nile waters


05:44 PM

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Khartoum – (ASA)

The Sudanese government confirmed that in the last round of the Renaissance Dam negotiations, the American side shifted from the role of the observer to the role of mediator directly.

The Sudanese Council of Ministers, in its regular meeting today, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, listened to a report from the Foreign Ministers, Asma Abdullah and irrigation Yasser Abbas, regarding their participation in the Renaissance Dam negotiations in Washington between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia under the supervision of the US Treasury.

The Sudanese Minister of Information, spokesman for the government, Faisal Muhammad Saleh, said in statements after the meeting, that the two ministers made clear that the negotiations had made great progress in reaching an agreement and completing many technical aspects related to the safety of the dam and the exchange of information and data besides environmental studies.

He added: that all the proposals were collected from the three countries, and the American side is currently working on drafting the final agreement that will be presented to the three countries to give their comments on it .. Noting that in the event of the agreement of the three countries, a celebration will be held in Washington attended by the heads of state and the three governments to sign the agreement.

In response to a question about what was raised in some media outlets as Sudan gave up its surplus share in the Nile waters to Egypt … Saleh replied: “This conversation is completely dishonorable, and the matter was not raised at any stage of the negotiations between the three countries.”

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