Sundowns Actor: Musaimani dreams of coaching Al-Ahly


Al-Masry Khaled Ali, the General Coordinator of the South African Sundowns team, confirmed that his coach, Betso Musimani, dreamed of training Al-Ahly.

The African Champions League quarter-finals draw resulted in a renewed confrontation between Al-Ahly and Sundowns, with the return being held in Egypt and the second in South Africa.

In comments to MBC Egypt, Khaled Ali said: “Betsu Musimani dreams about training Al-Ahly, he is seeking to work in Egypt, and Al-Ahly is his best wish.”

Ali concluded: “Among Musimani’s dreams is to win the African Champions League again and win the Club World Cup title, this is his ambition that he is working towards achieving it.”

Musimani was crowned the 2016 African Champions League after leading his team to beat Zamalek (3-0) in the away leg and the loss in Burj Al Arab (1-0).

Ali indicated that he will watch Al-Ahly and Pyramids match today, Thursday, before leaving Cairo to resume his work with the Sundowns and prepare to meet the continent’s historical champion at the end of this month.


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