Super Koura .. Pyramids set a record that failed to be 17 Egyptian teams in Africa


The Pyramids team broke the numbers of all Egyptian teams in the African championships After he managed to score 15 points in the group stage, breaking the record for Al-Ahly in the 2005 championship, as well as setting a record that the 17 Egyptian clubs that participated in various African championships throughout its history were unable to achieve.

And the Pyramids team won a difficult victory over its counterpart Nouadhibou of Mauritania with a goal in response, in the match that gathered the two teams today, at the Air Defense Stadium, in the last round of the group stage of the Confederation Cup of Africa.

The Pyramids goal and the only match came by Ghanaian player John Antuy after he followed the header of Ahmed Ayman Mansour, who bounced off the crossbar..

Pyramids qualified for the quarter-finals of the Confederation of Africa Cup after reaching point 15 of 5 wins in the group as Egyptian Port Said secured qualification for the same group in Al Wasfa, Rangers finished third with 5 points, and Nouadhibou of Mauritania finished last with two points.

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