Super Koura reveals a surprise .. The owner of the video, “Old naughty”, gave him a great father’s father


The person of the old “naughty” incident, who appeared with Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club Board of Directors, surprised the fans with his qualities and his presence in the stands of Cairo International Stadium to follow the match between Al-Ahmar and Al-Jelaa.

To watch a video with a video of “old naughty”, Press here

Al-Ahly Club swept the Tala’at Al-Jaish team with three clean goals scored by Junior Ajay in the 33rd minute and Amr Al-Sulayya in the 69th minute, and Muhammad Magdi Qafsha in the 85th minute in the confrontation that took place between them Monday evening at Cairo Stadium, which came in the 17th round matches of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

With this result, the score of Al-Ahly rose to point 42 in the top of the ranking table, while the balance of the early pioneers stopped at point 15, occupying the fourteenth place, Al-Ahly started the match with a formation consisting of goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Shennawi, defense line Ali Maaloul, Rami Rabia, Mahmoud Metwally, Mohamed Hani, midfield Amr Al-Sulayya, Aliu Diang, Muhammad Magdi Qafsha and in the attack Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Giraldo, Junior Ajay, while the army’s early leaders started the match with the formation of Hamad Bassam, Ali Al-Fil, Khaled Sultouhi, Karim Tariq, Amr Jamal, Ahmed Samir, Talandai , Muhammad Nassef, Muhannad Mustafa, Ahmed Al-Sayed Abdel-Rahman, Frank Stephen, Abu Bakr Dyar .

The match started with Ahlawi pressure hoping to score the goal early, and Junior Ajay began the dangerous redness in the 2nd minute and hit a weak ball between the arms of goalkeeper Vanguard goalkeeper.

Tala’at Al-Jaish entered the match from the 5th minute and Al-Tale’a players tried to exchange Al-Ahly for attacks, but the Red Team players quickly regained their balance and regained control of the middle of the field.

Al-Ahly intensified its attack, and in the 13th minute, Mohammed Magdi sent an elaborate interstitial jump to Geraldo, but Mohamed Bassam, the Vanguard Guard, distanced the ball before Geraldo controlled it to spoil a dangerous attack by the Red Team.

Al-Ahly continued to press in the second quarter of the life of the meeting in order to achieve the goal of progress, but the defenses of the army’s fighters were on the lookout. In the 25th minute, Muhammad Hani sent a dangerous cross into the area of ​​the Vanguard’s penalty area, but did not find the follower.

Al-Ahly club scored the goal of advancing against the early pioneers with the feet of Junior Ajay in the 33rd minute of the match, and then the red team squandered many dangerous opportunities, especially through the trio of Muhammad Magdi Qafsha, Geraldo and Ajay.


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