Tariq Shawky denies giving Thursday weekly leave in Madras – Egypt


Minister Tariq Shawqi denied Education, It is reported that on Thursday, schools are granted weekly leave.

Shawky said, in a post through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook: “Let me send a fine blame to a number of editors who attended the international conference to present Egypt’s experience in developing education among a group of Arab and African education ministers, and others who did not attend but wrote In any case”.

He added that the conference discussed the philosophy of development in Egypt and its goals and the timeline for development from 2014 until now, as well as future goals until 2030, noting: “Instead of conveying all of this to the reader, the titles have been summarized in two topics, both of which are incorrect! This is known as shorthand and flattening Topic”.

Shawky stressed that there is no change in the study leave or study dates for all academic years, adding: “There is no change in the system of universities coordination in the modified system for the secondary stage.”

Shawky explained that, in his dialogue with one of the parents in a discussion seminar, she was talking about her children, noting that one of them is in the new education and the older one is in the old system, and she compared them in that the oldest study during the days of vacation, while the younger one is not busy with duties and preservation, and we exchanged The talk is not statements or decisions that the new education philosophy relies on making time available for children to grow their personalities and to have time to live their childhood and enjoy learning.

And he continued his speech: “Instead of understanding this philosophy … one of them understood that we are saying that Thursday is a holiday … It is certain that if this were true, we would have officially announced it, and this did not happen.”

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