“Teaching in class” .. Education announces a new procedure to address the deficiency of the stomach


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister of Education and Technical Education, announced a new measure to bridge the teacher deficit in schools, which has reached 320,000 teachers, according to statements by Dr. Tariq Waqi, Minister of Education.

Hejazi added, in statements to “Masrawy”, that the ministry has the priority to appoint new teachers, but the state budget did not allow for appointments at the present time, and then comes second in the contract through a competition of 120 thousand teachers, will be implemented when providing financial credits.

He pointed out that the Ministry has conducted a package of mechanisms to cover the deficit in schools, including the use of graduates of colleges of education through the public service, in addition to licensing to work in the share.

The Deputy Minister stated that the Ministry is awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Finance to start hiring teachers with the quota system, stressing that the priority will be for those who have proven their proficiency in teaching within the competition of the 36 thousand teachers.

Dr. Tariq Shawqi, the Minister of Education, agreed to allow those with higher educational qualifications to work in the teaching profession voluntarily, in accordance with special regulations, including obtaining a high educational qualification, and passing the interview in educational departments, in addition to security approval.

The ministry said that the volunteer will be awarded a certificate of appreciation for the minimum period of volunteer work, and a certificate of experience at the end of his term “academic year.”

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