The arrested pilot replies to Muhammad Ramadan: “Your statements are a shame and the words of small people”


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Captain Ashraf Abu Al Yaser, the pilot arrested in the background of the Mohamed Ramadan incident last August, followed the latter’s statements on the Egyptian TV yesterday, saying: “I did not resort to the judiciary until after he had despaired of him after communicating for five months.” Noting that the artist Ramadan Offer to sponsor my salary until the problem is resolved.

And he added: “I reject this offer. I am Magrish behind everyone, and at least every month is my debt,” he added in a telephone interview with the media by Mays Al-Hadidi through the “Cairo Now” program and broadcast on the “Al-Arabiya” satellite channel: “The artist Mohammed Ramadan said that I have two licenses, this is the first phrase Once I hear these statements express the lack of understanding of the details and details ».

He continued: “He continues in the judicial procedures until a solution is reached,” denying the artist’s statements at the same time that he communicated with me: “What happened to me was only called by the director of Rotana, and I said to him, I am tired, if he communicated with my lawyer,” he asked, “If we were a man and a woman, Saida.” What does it say we promise and talk about its issues? I am not blind to the limit, ”pointing out that“ the idea of ​​the number is governed by the desire to negotiate and not the value of the number.

And he commented on the video of the trader that Ramadan broadcast on the social media site in which he said, “I am the government,” saying: “Oh, I said that because I am the president of the Republic of the plane in accordance with the law in the aviation and ships. The captain has the right to divorce, marry, and write a death or marriage certificate.”

He denied again that he had agreed to publish the video, stating that the idea of ​​private aircraft may take private photos, but not for publication.

He commented on his remarks, saying: “This is a shame for young people.”

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