The artist, Nahed Yousry, announces the reason for wearing the veil and retiring from acting


The artist Nahid Yousry celebrated her 73rd birthday, and the retired artist presented many artworks during the sixties and seventies before she retired from the art, and she represented 20 films, and these films are characterized by audacity, and she suddenly decided to retire art and wear the veil, and she stated why she wore the veil The retirement of art, Nahed Yousry belongs to a rich family, but her family abandoned her after she married a businessman with a customary contract, and was a friend of the artist Souad Hosni, as she worked for the Cinderella, and the Cinderella came out of the clinic on the house of her friend Nahid Yousry, which shows the strong relationship between them.

The reason for wearing Nahid Yousry for the veil

The reason the artist Nahed Yousry wore the hijab and retired is her reading of the noble verse and “to strike with their wine on their pockets, and only to show their adornment for their maidenness” Surat Al-Nur, and after retiring from acting, she performed the Hajj 7 times and did 29 Umrah.

Nahed Yousry presented many artworks that affected the Egyptian cinema in the sixties and seventies, she started her artistic career in 1968 with her sister Samia Shoukry, she presented 32 films and 4 series, and one of the most famous series that she worked on was the treasure series, and it was honored in Kuwait On the part of Najlaa Al-Naqi, the president of a liberal forum.

The artist, Nahid Yousry, resigned the art twice the first time, in 1974, after she had an accident and left traces in her face, but she began to act again in the eighties, then decided in the nineties to wear the veil and retire the art forever and devote her life to her family.


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