The Chinese government prohibits the production of the iPhone because of Corona .. I know the details


Foxconn is known to be a leading technology company that manufactures millions of iPhones every year in China, but due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the company announced last week that it would extend the factory workers license until February 9, while everyone expected that Foxconn would restart its production facilities From tomorrow, February 10, the Chinese government has now ordered Foxconn not to restart production for another week, as all Foxconn factories in China will remain closed until February 15.

According to the American site mspoweruser, Foxconn has more than one million employees working in several factories in China alone, and after reviewing the factories, the Chinese health authorities informed Foxconn that there is a high risk of infection with Corona virus, and therefore it is not suitable for re-work, as well as Compal Electronics, which manufactures The iPad is also extending its employee leave until next week.

And it seems that local governments do not want to risk the spread of the potential virus in a labor-intensive work environment, no one wants to take responsibility for resuming work at this critical moment, and the Chinese government is taking all measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus inside China, but rather has strict laws in place , Violations of the prevention and control of epidemics may face the death penalty in China.

In the same context, Apple decided to postpone the reopening of its retail stores in China and extend the closing of stores due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, despite its work to open the company’s offices and contact centers, and Apple had said earlier this month that it would close All its official stores and corporate offices in China until February 9 due to the outbreak.


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