The condolences of the father of the popular singer Tariq El Sheikh this evening in Sharabeya


Takes place The condolences of the father of the popular singer Tariq Al-SheikhToday, Saturday evening, on the Corporate Street in Abu Al-Azm Square in Sharabia, Cairo Governorate, where the official page of the popular singer was, announced this morning, on the death of his father, saying: “There is no God or power except in God. Now the father of the artist, Tariq Al-Sheikh, has passed away, We hope to pray for him with mercy and read Al-Fatihah“.

The condolences of Tariq Al-Sheikh's father
The condolences of Tariq Al-Sheikh’s father

On the other hand, the star Tariq Al-Sheikh, in his new album scheduled for release in the coming days, cooperates with a large number of poets, distributors and composers, including Aziz Al-Shafi’i, Ashraf Al-Prince, Taha Al-Hakim, Tamer Hajjaj, Issam Hajjaj, Karim Abdel-Wahab, Sayed Shaaban Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed Amin, Sameh Al-Koumi, Fadel Al-Rawi and Salah Mandy, Mohammed Al-Najjar and Islam Chipsy, and includes 8 varied songs.

“The Seventh Day” was keen recently to be with the star Tariq Al Sheikh during the filming of his new clip called “The Disobedient People” inside Studio Misr. And a decorative engineer, Kampa, directed by Mohamed El-Kady. It took more than 18 hours to photograph her inside a lane in Egypt Studio with producer Mostafa El-Swaify..

On the other hand, Tariq Al-Sheikh said in special statements that the song carries the character of Farfasha and presents it in a new way to him from his previous works, which he distinguished during his career and carries many surprises..

Tariq Al-Sheikh previously said that the popular song is in a state of deterioration especially after the absence of the tape and the CD and the acquisition of the media media on the field, through which it eliminated a number of singers who were very popular, in addition to the emergence of YouTube, which does not protect the ownership rights of the song.

He added that there are a number of lyric colors, which may disappear after a while because of the lack of credibility of everything, whether the name of a singer or song or an author and others, including festivals..

Tariq Al Sheikh is considered one of the distinguished folk singers who presented a number of successful works in their singing career, especially that he is distinguished by a strong voice from other singers of his generation..

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