The diaries and stories of the passengers of the Japanese ship “Infested” with the Coruna virus..Photos


To break the harsh “stone” routine, and to break the boredom of 3,700 passengers aboard the infested ship, “Diamond Princess”, a tourist with the spread of Corona virus infection among its passengers, which has been quarantined in Japan 10 days ago, one of the passengers decided to open an account in the name of the ship on Social media platforms, to tell the diaries of travelers on board, and how they spend their days in the rooms throughout the “24 hours a day.”


The Diamond Princess ship

The total number of injured people on board the ship so far has reached 218 cases, including 29 cases of Japanese citizens, according to the Japanese Ministry of Health after 44 new cases were recorded in Corona, on board the ship detained since February 3, all of whom are subject to medical procedures and ongoing examination and follow-up and are forbidden to them Mixing is much, except according to preventive measures to protect them from the increased spread of the virus among them.


The page bears the name of quarantinedondiamondprincess “, and it has become the only outlet for the ship’s passengers who have lived for 10 days without any contact with the outside world, except for social networking sites, and the number of its followers has reached more than 45 thousand, including relatives, friends of the passengers and members of the ship’s crew, and the person on the page says that Its goal is “salvation from the imposed unit,” while one of the passengers asked, “I feel dry … is this because of the air?” Are they the first symptoms of the virus? Or is it allergy? Is it another cold? “.




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