The family of Muhammad al-Musa is awaiting the receipt of his body and permission to bury him


– Forensic medicine report
The new reveals new bullets

– Medical examiner :

The dead man remained
Lying on his stomach for more than two hours

– Phobia phobia:

Fired on
Mohammed Al-Mousa 30 rounds

The past few hours have seen
Exciting new developments in the case of the murder of Villa Nancy Ajram “Mohamed Al-Mousa”, who was killed
He was killed by Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, Nancy Ajram’s husband, after storming the villa.

A member said
The defense team of Mohamed Moussa, lawyer Rami Hendi: “The new report indicates the existence
A number of bullets that were not mentioned in the first investigation, as 5 bullets were removed from the dead body
It was not previously disclosed, in addition to a sixth shot in the head, meaning that there is a possibility of killing
With a back shot to the head, which was not mentioned by the first forensic report and added to the discovery
Disjointed bullet, that is, there were two types of weapon.

Hindi added to the Emirates newspaper
Today: “What was stated in the first report will not pass without accountability, as it has been confirmed
Bullets in the dead man’s body came from more than one direction, and there were tattoos, that is, fired from a distance
Close and attached to the body, and the shots were transferred to see whether they were from the same pistol or from two different pistols.

Blue spot:

A Syrian doctor named Bahaa also participated in the new anatomy
For the body of the murdered villa Nancy Ajram, blue spots were found in the body confirming that the young man was Syrian
He was lying on his stomach for more than two hours, while photos at the time of the accident showed the body lying
On his side.

The Syrian doctor explained that blue spots begin to appear
On the body of the deceased person after the vital signs ceased, this means that these signs appear
On the opposite side of the place where the body is lying, if it is lying on the back, it appears on the abdomen
vice versa.

The Syrian doctor confirmed that the blue signs were taking
Two or three hours from the time of the death until it begins to appear, and in the case of the young Muhammad al-Musa
The doctor indicated that he had been lying on his stomach for this period, which confirms that the image in which he appeared
The dead man on his right side is not real, because if he had died and was lying on his right side, it would have appeared
Spots are on its left side.

30 rounds:

Lawyer Rehab Al-Bitar, the deputy head of the Mohamed Hassan Al-Mousa family,
Villa Nancy Ajram was killed, in press statements, about the features of the second forensic report, to reveal
Ambiguity of the issue.

Rehab Al-Bitar said, The second report revealed that the dead man
He received 30 bullets, including one behind the head, which contradicts the first report, which was written negligently

Rehab Bitar explained that the forensic report is in a circle
The first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, is now awaiting the end of the procedures
To receive the body and authorize her to be buried in Syria.

On the other hand, the Syrian lawyer, Rehab Bitar, was published
Video of her on her personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, It affirmed that, as an Arab citizen, she did not allow anyone to
He is licensed from another person’s blood, whatever his influence, celebrity, and money, and we are awaiting the forensic report. ”

The case in the Lebanese judiciary returns until now.
Until January 1, when the various media outlets reported the killing of the Syrian youth
Muhammad Hassan al-Musa, at Nancy Ajram’s villa, by her husband (Fadi Al-Hashem), who claimed that the dead man
He came to the villa as an intruder in order to steal, and threatening those present with death, while denying the family
The young man made these allegations and confirmed that Al-Musa was working in the artist’s villa and came to demand his rights

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