The first comment from the Minister of Immigration on the image of “Western carpet”


Ambassador Nabila Makram Abdel-Shahid, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, commented on her circulating image by passing a ferry on which a carpet was placed during her inspection visit to Gharbiya Governorate.

The Minister of Immigration said on her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Ewa, I am the Minister of Immigration Elly Today, I visited 4 villages in Gharbia Governorate (Al-Farastaq, Kutama, Mahalat al-Laban, and finally Shabrabula village) and I was happy that I was able to go with the stump people to the workers and they were also happy that they had healed an official J until they have .. We did not like and we said the adequacy of a village one No, we were happy and wanting to know what we need, so we can help them. “

And she continued: “When we concluded the visits, all of us, the governor and the people stumped me to the point where I came with me from the bank. Central The technical education program, the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency and the National Council For women In order to put a support plan in order that we can provide it to the children of villages, countries … people who get tired every day and who do not waste Fragmentation And you look … a man in the full sense of the word, so that we can help and support. “

She continued: “People do not hypocrisy people. This is a decent country. Welcome to the minister who came with other people. She asks About them under the direction of a president of the state who wants to grow their villages. “

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