The first response from the Football Association to the withdrawal of Zamalek and the statement of Al-Ahly


Ahmed Abdullah, a member of the Provisional Committee for the Football Association, spoke about the outbreak of crises following the decisions of the Discipline and Ethics Committee
Concerning the Super Game and the subsequent announcement by Zamalek Club to withdraw from the League Championship and Qiyam
Al-Ahly complained to the FIFA Interim Committee.

Abdullah said that
Football in Egypt entered a dark tunnel due to the escalation of the crisis on the part of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and added that what happened
In the super game, he was a farce by any measure and could not be tolerated in any way and committee
Discipline took appropriate penalties.

Abdullah continued:
“The Football Association is steadfast in its position, and if Al-Ahly and Zamalek want to escalate their decisions,
This crisis will not end, unless a meeting is held between the two poles, to calm the atmosphere and look at an interest
Egyptian football. “


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