The former King of Malaysias ex-wife declares a surprise that she discovered two days after g


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy

After her silence, Russian model Oksana Vojvodina, who married the former Malaysian king Sultan Mehmed V, revealed a surprise of a high caliber, explaining that she knew of the king’s betrayal of her after only two days of marriage.

The marriage of Muhammad V, 50, and former Miss Moscow (27 years), separated last July, just weeks after the birth of their son and 8 months after their marriage, after their legendary wedding ceremony, and the king abandoned his throne in the name of love.

Since then, the ex-spouses have been locked in a bitter battle over the financial settlement, as well as custody of her nine-month-old son, Leon, who the king denies admitting.

“Vojvodina” said in a television interview with the Russian Channel One in Moscow, “The first shock of her marriage was only two days after the wedding, when she answered a call and answered the phone of her husband, who was in the toilet at the time,” according to the website “Daily Mail”.

She added: The call was to a caller named “Bob” so I thought he was his American friends and wanted to congratulate us on the wedding, and as soon as she answered I heard she was shocked by the voice of a woman screaming on the phone, saying that she is his wife, warning her not to answer again on her husband’s phone.

She continued: “This Czech woman is called Diana Petra, and when her husband came out of the bathroom and asked him what was happening, he took the phone and went to another room, and he returned after a while and said that she is his ex-wife who did not know about his marriage to me.”

She explained that the king assured her that she had contacted matters relating to material issues and property that had not yet been resolved, and pointed out the Russian model, that “the woman herself called her father to tell him that she was still married to the king.”

The TV interview was in a “safe house” in Moscow because Oksana was “afraid” about her and her young child’s life, she said.

Malaysians were stunned by the wedding of the former King of Malaysia, Miss Russia, which took place in Moscow in November 2018, and cost about $ 30 million.

It was the first time that a king abdicated the throne in Malaysia since its independence from Britain in 1957.

Russian media reports stated that Oksana Vojvodina met the King during a grand ceremony at the Barvika Music Hall in Moscow.

Oksana embraced Islam in April 2018, that is, before marriage to the recessive Malaysian king, whose full name is Tengu Muhammad Faris Petra, son of Sultan Ismail Petra.

After that, the former Miss Moscow left her fashion show business, and changed her name from Oksana Vojvodina to Rihanna Oksana Gorbatenko.

Oksana was only 22 when she won the 2015 Moscow Beauty Contest, and she beat 32 contestants who competed in the contest.

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