The founder Othman 9 .. The series of the resurrection of Othman bin Ertugrul, episode 9 in the Arabic language, through the website Al-Nour and the Algerian channel Al-Fajr


Resurrection Osman Episode 9 There are increasing searches on the date for the presentation of the ninth episode of the founder series Othman Al-Ghazi bin Artgrel in Arabic via the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, after the presentation of the episode today, Wednesday, 5 of November 2020 in the Turkish language, which witnessed very powerful events, worked to attract the attention of viewers, Osman managed to escape from Sofia and her men, after helping some men in the tribe, and we have also seen the traces of torture on his face.

Resurrection Osman bin Artgrel series, the ninth episode 9

The series “The Resurrection of Osman” is one of the best Turkish series that existed at that time, and the first episodes of it achieved a very high viewing rate, as the story of the series revolves around the founding of the Ottoman Empire, the difficulties and problems faced by Ertugrul the Great and Othman daughter during the advancement of the state, these problems get rid of his uncle Dundar Who wants to get rid of Uthman to control the government, and Sufia, who wants the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Crusaders and the Tatars, the story of the series The Resurrection of Uthman is a success story especially since it talks about history, which many want to know.

Resurrection Osman Ghazi 9

The site of light Resurrection Osman Ghazi 9 ninth

The series of the founder Othman is shown only one day per week, which is on Wednesday via the Turkish ATV channel, at exactly eight oclock in Egypt local time, and the ninth evening in Saudi Arabia, and the episode will be shown again on the next day Thursday through the Algerian Al-Fajr channel, but in Arabic And, in order to follow the series by lovers and lovers in the Arab world via the following frequency.

Correction coefficientFrequencyThe satellite
5/6 vertical10922Nile sat
5/6 vertical12130Yah Sat

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