The frequency of the Fox TV channel, which carries the Miracle Doctor series on the Turksat and Nilesat satellites


We follow and monitor with you now the frequency of the Fox TV channel, which carries the series The Miracle Doctor on Satellite Turksat and Nilesat episode 10, where it is broadcast on Fox TV screens now, the tenth episodes of this wonderful Turkish series. TV to receive her signal now.

The frequency of the fox tv channel

Fox TV is a wonderful Turkish channel and one of the most powerful Turkish channels that have appeared in Europe and around the world for its display of a strong collection of Turkish series and films, the most famous of which is the new series The Miracle Doctor, which comes from the star of the young artist Tanner Olmaz, where Google search engines have witnessed a large increase To receive the Fox TV signal specifically to enjoy watching the new episode presented by the series Miracle Doctor, which is one of the most successful dramas broadcast this season, when talking about the percentage of viewing episodes of the series and exceeded more than 20 million viewers, and now the age With you through the following dimensions paragraph renew channel frequencies to receive reference strongly.

Miracle TV series Fox TV channel frequency setting

Everyone can now enjoy watching the Doctor Miracle series, which is currently broadcast on Fox TV channels, via the following frequencies and satellites:

polarizationCodingFrequencythe moon
Horizontal H300010887TurkSat 42E

Show the series Miracle Doctor

It is now broadcasting the tenth episodes of the famous Turkish series The Miracle Doctor, which is broadcast on a weekly basis on Thursday evening every week at eight in the evening, according to the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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