The government denies the discovery of cases of “Corona” in the hospitals of the channel


11:06 am

Friday 07 February 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied the spread of some websites and social media pages regarding the presence of cases infected with “Corona” virus in Suez Canal Authority hospitals.

According to a statement today, Friday, the media center contacted the Suez Canal Authority, which denied these reports, confirming that no infected or suspected cases of “Corona” virus had been detected in any of the authority’s hospitals, explaining that all the hospitals affiliated with the Authority are completely free of any Epidemic viruses, especially the Corona virus.

The authority stressed the taking of a package of preventive and preventive measures to prevent the virus, and in the event that any infected cases are suspected, all medical measures will be taken against them, within the framework of the state’s concern for the health and safety of all its citizens and the absence of any epidemics within the Egyptian territories.

The “No. 6” Hospital of the Authority had received a woman suffering from some symptoms such as high temperature and shortness of breath, after returning from performing the Umrah rituals, and immediately the specialized doctors isolated the case and withdrew the necessary samples and sent them to the central laboratories of the Ministry of Health, with Provide full medical care and place it under observation until the results of the tests are received.

The authority said that it had taken a set of precautions and precautionary measures, by distributing identifying posters of the virus, its symptoms and prevention mechanisms, at all of the main facilities of the Commission and its affiliated hospitals. Through adherence to a set of internationally recognized health requirements such as wearing protective masks, gloves and full isolation allowance, in addition to periodic checks on them, and giving them vaccinations for the flu and Pneumonia.

She added: The ships that had previously reported suspicious cases of one of their crew members are treated with caution in coordination with the Quarantine Department of the Ministry of Health, after taking the necessary procedures such as conducting a full medical survey of the crew, provided that these ships are given a certificate Proven to be free of infectious diseases.

In the end, the authority called on all media and social media users to investigate the accuracy and objectivity of what is being published, and not to pay attention to news of unknown origin that seeks to influence the traffic that is constantly rising in the recent period, stressing that inquiries about these matters must be from Through the official website of the Suez Canal Authority (

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