The head of the Suez Canal reveals the fact that a female citizen from Umrah was infected with the Corona virus


The team, Osama Rabie, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, denied the rumors that some employees of the authority were infected with the Corona virus.

“What happened was that a returning citizen from Umrah’s flight was suffering from a rise in temperature, shortness of breath and low oxygen levels in the blood, and it was isolated directly,” Rabie said during a telephone interview with Ahmed Moussa, on the program “On My Responsibility” on the Echo Channel. The Ministry of Health was contacted after the case was suspected, and the necessary tests were conducted to determine the nature of the disease it was suffering from.

He added, “Rumors about the death of 3 persons in Corona are rude to health, and the patient is in the authority’s hospital, where she was isolated and we are waiting for the results of the analyzes conducted by the Ministry of Health.”

He stressed that there are preventive measures adopted by the authority with ships passing through the Suez Canal, as well as conducting medical examinations of the suspected cases in coordination with the Ministry of Health, noting that the traffic of ships in the channel was not affected by the spread of the Corona virus.

The media, Ahmed Moussa, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not detected any infections with the Corona virus on its soil, and that Egyptian citizenship returning from Umrah may be infected with a regular flu.

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