The imprisonment of a Chinese prostitution network in Nasr City


The first prosecutor of Nasr City has ordered the imprisonment of a Chinese prostitution network that includes 3 girls practicing vice in a health club in Makram Ebeid district in Madinah for 300 pounds at 4 days pending the investigation and instructed the Literary Investigation Department to quickly conduct investigations into the incident.

The prosecution commissioned a translator to attend the investigation, and the accused have confessed to forming a formation to practice acts that are against morality with men who want to have fun and forbidden. While he charges 200 pounds, as he set a price of 300 pounds per hour. After legalizing the legal procedures and investigations prepared by Brigadier Ahmed Taher, director of external activity at the General Department of Literature Investigation, the network was seized, and the owner of the center “Ahmed” was arrested for creating the center without a license, and promoting and advertising sex and prostitution for a fee via the Internet, and the use of Anonymous oils and tools.

Two of the forbidden pleasure-seekers were arrested, a report of the incident was issued and the Public Prosecution Office was notified of the investigation.

They wanted to have fun in front of the men of the Department of Literature, they got to know the health club through the Internet, and they booked appointments to practice under the guise of doing a massage session, for 300 pounds per hour, and they did not know that this club is not licensed.

A report of the incident was issued, and the Public Prosecution conducted the investigation.

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