The Libyan army thwarted the largest air attack on Al-Wefaq, 6 Turkish planes


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

The Libyan army said, that its air defenses shot down 6 Turkish pilots, at one time, from the military side of the airport in Maitika, to raid the positions of its forces, south of the capital, Tripoli.

This is the largest air attack foiled by the Libyan army since the beginning of the liberation of the capital, Tripoli, in April of last year, using drones.

It is noteworthy that the air defenses of the army, on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, shot down two “Bayrakdar” planes, while trying to bomb army positions.

In the field, the truce officially collapsed, after renewed violent clashes between the Libyan army and al-Wefaq forces Friday, in most axes of the capital Tripoli, especially the southern ones, using heavy weapons and missiles.

In a statement released by the Libyan army spokesperson, Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, the army accused the reconciliation forces of violating the armistice and of liquidating a number of its prisoners from the armed militias.

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