The Minister of Education explains the fact that Thursday is off every week … and college entrance is in relative weight


Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education, addressed the admonition of a number of editors who attended the international conference to present Egypt’s experience in developing education among a group of Arab and African education ministers.

The Minister added in a post on his personal account on Facebook: “The conference discussed the philosophy of development in Egypt and its goals and the timeline for development from 2014 until now, as well as future goals until the year 2030, and instead of transferring all of this to the reader, the titles summed up on two topics, both of them incorrect”.Shawqi said: The bottom line and the truth is that there is no change in the study leave or study dates for all academic years, nor is there a change in the system of university coordination in the modified system for the secondary stage.

He explained that during a dialogue with one of the parents (in a discussion seminar) she was talking about her children, where one of them is in the new education and the oldest is in the old system and she compared them in terms of the oldest studying in the days of vacation and the youngest is not occupied with duty and preservation and we exchanged the conversation (not statements Or decisions) that the new educational philosophy intentionally allows time for children to grow their personalities and give them time to live their childhood and enjoy learning, and instead of understanding this philosophy..understanding one of them we say that Thursday is a holiday!

He said, “In an attempt to explain a very simple idea of ​​the” relationship of degrees to coordination “so that everyone can be reassured (in another discussion seminar), one of the editors conveyed the phrase” relative weight “without realizing what it means and made confusion from nothing!”

And the minister continued, “Please read the headlines, as no one editor tried to question the meaning, but wrote the phrase without understanding it, and this, in my opinion, is a method that has to stop when we talk about delicate issues of concern to millions of citizens, and it is even more interesting that some on the media media are quick to explain what is not Understands it and all messes in messes. ”

Tariq Shawqi explained that the final say: the second secondary batch this year will test next year (when they reach the third secondary) a standard exam at the end of the year with new questions, i.e. the evaluation system in effect since they joined the first secondary grade, and we will provide them with grades for the subjects and a total of 410 as was the case previously and this will be taken into account in coordinating universities without change from previous years, and the only difference is the change in the distribution of grades from the above due to the change in the evaluation method.

He pointed out that all we say is that coordination meets the desires starting from the higher groups and then the lowest. If the highest total, for example, is 80%, then desirable colleges will take 80% and not 98% as was the case in previous years.

Since coordination meets the desires of higher groups to the least, we try to explain that it is important for the student to try to improve his “relative” level in relation to the payment, which enhances his chances of meeting his desires in universities without looking at abstract numbers.

The minister concluded his message by saying: I ask those who address this writing to make sure that they understand the meaning before writing news that excites people and wastes time and effort. As for those who understand the meaning and mean confusion, this is another crime.

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